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  • BIGGEST SALE EVER! Save $100 on Clear Aligners with Our Result Guarantee - Order now

It’s Time To Move On From Misaligned Teeth

It’s Time To Move On From Misaligned Teeth

Even though dental misalignment is a problem for as many as nine in ten people, an astounding amount of this country’s population suffers in silence when it comes to issues like wonky teeth. That’s a problem, especially considering that, left unchecked, this issue can increase the risk of dental decay, as well as taking a significant toll on our self-confidence.

Luckily, times are changing, and there’s now no reason for anyone to deal with dental misalignment or its after-effects in the long term. That’s because clear aligners for misaligned teeth are offering an accessible, tempting treatment alternative. In this article, we consider just a few of the reasons why this means you don’t need to hide from dealing with your misaligned teeth for a single day longer.

Faster Treatments all Around

Unlike the often lengthy treatment terms of traditional metal braces (an average of 24 months), clear aligners for misaligned teeth provide treatment terms that are typically between 4-6 months, with way less invasive or lengthy appointments during that time. For individuals previously daunted by the idea of as long as three years of often extensive and unpleasant orthodontic appointments, this promise of speed can make for far more achievable treatments. For adults who often have to undergo longer-term braces to achieve results, the ability to speed up the process in this way especially makes for an appealing alternative that can seem like a no-brainer compared to even one more year of hiding away a smile.

Doing Away with Discomfort

By their nature, appointments for everything from the fitting to adjustment of traditional metal braces can be uncomfortable, and can even result in discomforts such as sharp edges that need resolving through additional appointments. By comparison, smooth, clear aligners should provide a far more comfortable wearing experience throughout treatment, as well as allowing for fewer uncomfortable procedures throughout the fitting journey and beyond. For individuals who play contact sports, in particular, this can make braces a far more pleasant and achievable dental goal than if discomfort were to remain inevitable.

A Solution that Works with You

Due to their fixed nature, metal braces don’t always fit with our lifestyles and can require changes in everything from dietary choices to the ways that we clean our teeth. Because they’re easily removable, clear aligners for misaligned teeth are far more likely to work with our lifestyles as they stand. While it is still recommended that clear aligners are removed during meals or cleaning, it’s therefore possible to remove the need for things like complete dietary changes throughout treatment, making it way easier for individuals to achieve results here without the need for sometimes unpleasant or unwanted compromises that could otherwise keep treatment at bay.

Start Enjoying these Benefits with Smileie

Clear aligners for misaligned teeth are at the forefront of simpler straightening solutions, and are making treatment more accessible for everyone. Begin enjoying these benefits with the help of Smileie today by either completing a our online assessment or getting in touch with our expert team at 1-800-210-0464.

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