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Become Proficient in Dental Impressions: A Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving Exceptional Results.

Enhance Precision, Minimize Discomfort, and Achieve Exceptional Dental Impressions with Our Comprehensive Guide.

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Prerequisite before you start taking Impression

Let's start with the essentials:

  • Ensure correct tray sizes for upper and lower arches.
  • Use a timer to monitor impression time.
  • Keep putty cans nearby, but don't mix them yet.
  • Maintain cleanliness with gloves and use a cheek retractor for clear pictures.

Prepare before starting:

  • Wash hands thoroughly.
  • Brush and floss teeth.
  • Ensure trays fit well.

Achieving a good impression:

  • Use different putty for each impression.
  • Apply equal pressure for clear imprints.
  • Focus on molars and gum line for accuracy.

Avoiding a bad impression:

  • Apply gentle, even pressure.
  • Mix putties quickly.
  • Minimize movement during impressions.
  • Apply consistent pressure with fingertips.

Are you ready let's get started:

For each arch:

  • Time: 25-30 seconds: Mix one coloured putty pack with one white putty pack for about 25 to 30 seconds, until you get a uniform colour with no streaks. You have to work fast, as otherwise the mixture starts to set beyond 30 seconds.
  • Time: 5 seconds: Roll the mixed putty between your palms in the form of a sausage.
  • Time: 10 seconds: Place the sausage in the tray, distributing it evenly by using the tip of your fingers and thumbs, making sure it covers the whole of the arch, including enough to capture your molars.
  • Time: 4mns 30 secs: Now place the putty sausage tray inside your mouth, like a spaceship hovering over your teeth arch, making sure you keep the handle in the middle. Now gently bite into the middle of the sausage tray, making sure you pull your lip over the tray once you have bitten into it. Then apply even gentle pressure on both sides of your teeth (at the level of the canine teeth) with both thumbs on each side for the upper arch, and your index fingers for the lower arch, also holding onto your chin. Do not press too hard, but just enough to capture teeth and gumline.

    After 4mns 30 seconds, gently snap the tray out in one swift downward motion for the upper tray and upward motion for the lower tray. Important: DO NOT REMOVE the impressions from their respective trays.

    Please compare your impressions with the pictures of good and bad impressions, we have included in this guide.
  • Send your impression pictures: Email your practice run pictures from 2 to 3 different angles to your assigned smile specialist and wait for our feedback, before carrying on, and just to make sure you got the hang of it!
  • Once done: After your impressions have been signed off, and you are now ready to mail them back to us, please place them all (intact with their trays) into our return package, with the return label provided.

Things needed for Impression making:

Gloves are optional
Stop watch