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  • BIGGEST SALE EVER! Save $100 on Clear Aligners with Our Result Guarantee - Order now

Preserve Your Smile: Night Guards for Teeth Grinding & Bruxism

Night guards prevent teeth grinding, preserving smiles and promoting dental health.

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Introducing SMILEIE Night Guard: Protect Your Teeth While You Sleep

Perfect Fit

Custom-made for Ultimate Comfort.

Strong Defense

Shields against Grinding and Clenching.

Sound Sleep

Wake up Refreshed and Pain-free.

Who Needs a Night Guard?

Teeth Grinders

Individuals who frequently grind or clench their teeth, especially during sleep.

Bruxism Sufferers

Those diagnosed with bruxism, a condition characterized by teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

Dentist Recommendation

Anyone advised by their dentist to use a night guard to protect their teeth.

Symptom Relief

People experiencing jaw pain, headaches, or tooth sensitivity due to teeth grinding or bruxism.

Protect Your Smile: Explore Our Range of Night Guards

ComfortFlex Night Guards

Only for $165
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Ideal for mild to moderate bruxism, this comfortable 3mm guard protects your teeth and eases jaw discomfort.

DuoShield Night Guards

Only for $195
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Our advanced guard combines a soft inner layer for comfort with a strong outer shell for maximum protection against varying degrees of bruxism. Available in 3 thicknesses.

UltraGuard Night Guards

Only for $175
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Crafted from ultra-durable 2mm material, this heavy-duty guard provides superior protection for severe bruxism and maximum peace of mind.

Get Your Custom Night Guard in 3 Easy Steps!

Order Your Night Guard Kit

Start by ordering your Night Guard kit. Once you've placed your order, we'll send you an easy-to-use impression kit with clear instructions right to your door.

Take Your Teeth Impression

Use the materials provided to make an accurate impression of your teeth. Our step-by-step guide will walk you through the process. Once you're done, send the impression back to us.

Receive Your Custom Night Guard

We'll craft a customized Night Guard from your impression for a perfect fit. Enjoy peaceful nights and protected teeth upon its arrival.

FAQs about Night Guards

Do I Need a Night Guard?

If you frequently grind your teeth, experience jaw pain, headaches, or tooth sensitivity, a Night Guard can help protect your teeth and alleviate discomfort.

Is a Night Guard Comfortable to Wear?

Our Night Guards are custom-made for a perfect fit, ensuring maximum comfort while you sleep.

How Do I Care for My Night Guard?

Rinse your Night Guard with cool water after each use, gently brush it with a soft toothbrush and mild soap, and avoid using hot water or abrasive cleaners to prolong its lifespan.

What's the Lifespan of a Night Guard?

The lifespan varies depending on usage and care. Typically, custom-made Night Guards last 6-8 months, while over-the-counter options may require more frequent replacement.

What Material is Used in Making the Night Guard?

Our Night Guards are crafted from high-quality materials like soft EVA or durable PETG, ensuring both comfort and protection for your teeth.


Take Control of Your Oral Health: Investing in a night guard can help preserve your smile and alleviate discomfort associated with teeth grinding and bruxism.